The ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ PS5 and Xbox Series X|S trailer has left fans angry

Three generations running

The recent trailer for Grand Theft Auto V at the PlayStation Showcase on September 9 has left fans feeling frustrated for plenty of reasons.

To start, the trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube channel currently has (as of September 11) over 1million views and 42,000 dislikes to 18,000 likes. Some of the main issues stem from the fact that the game touts an “expanded and enhanced” label, but many think it still looks exactly the same.

The same trailer was also put on the Rockstar Games YouTube channel has 26,000 likes to 44,000 dislikes, with the other major complaint that a game originally released in 2013 doesn’t look that much better, and has been delayed.


Now the game is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PS5 in March 2022, with it meant to release in late 2021.

The trailer itself touts improved graphics, enhanced gameplay and seamless character switching, but that clearly isn’t enough to win over quite a few players.

One user said: “This has to be the most pathetic “Enhancement” of a game I’ve ever seen. All you’ve done is allow the game to play at high PC settings on newer consoles and tweaked that horrendous loading screen, which on an SSD only takes a second or two to change characters anyway.”

Grand Theft Auto V. Credit: Rockstar Games

Take-Two also recently sued the programmers who reverse-engineered GTA 3 and Vice City’s source code. The programmers have been working on the ‘re3’ project, which aimed to bring unofficial ports to handheld devices like the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita and Wii U.


The ports also included quite a few improvements like bug fixes, a rotatable camera, XInput controller support on PC and widescreen support.

In other news, the voice actor for Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has said that the game is “massive” and that’s why it’s coming out in 2023.