‘The Lamplighters League’ is the latest strategy from the developer of ‘Battletech’

Players will be tasked with stopping a cult in an alternative 1930s setting

Paradox Interactive has revealed The Lamplighters League, a turn-based adventure game that it will be publishing for developer Harebrained Schemes.

Due to launch for Xbox and PC platforms in 2023, The Lamplighters League is set in an alternate version of the 1930s and tasks players with putting a stop to the Banished Court, a cult that’s spent a millennia trying to take over the world.

Announced during the Paradox Announcement Show, The Lamplighters League will task players with controlling a band of “misfit” characters.


Each has unique abilities, leaving players to deploy them in turn-based missions that begin with real-time infiltration segments. Between missions, players will need to make “global level” choices and manage each character’s various injuries and stress levels.

An announcement trailer and two-minute video detailing The Lamplighters League have been shared by Paradox, which you can watch below.

As detailed in the trailer, The Lamplighters League won’t just see the organisation fighting cultists; towards the end of the cinematic, a much larger figure can be seen emerging from the water.

Developer Harebrained Schemes is best known for creating the Shadowrun trilogy, along with 2018 strategy game Battletech.

Discussing The Lamplighters League, game director Christopher Rogers said that the game “is all about weaving tactical gameplay that challenges your mind with narrative and characters that engage your heart”.


“We love these characters and hope that players and fans enjoy getting to know them while exploring each one’s unique abilities the way we did. I cannot wait to share everything we’ve been working on,” Christopher continued.

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