The last ‘Deathloop’ secret is apparently very “on the nose”

Users speculate on which nose

Julien Eveillé, a level designer on Deathloop, tweeted yesterday (October 6) that there is one secret he has yet to see players discover in the game.

The level designer of the critically acclaimed game alluded to the final hidden secret in a tweet before replying to several internet sleuths to affirm and deny their guesses. Other Twitter users have compiled the information we know about the alluded secret together, which the designer claims to have not seen anyone achieve yet.


Firstly, Eveillé confirmed that the secret he is describing is the consequence of an action carried out earlier in the game. He describes the secret as “not that hidden” but that it relies on a series of “not very obvious odds”. He also claimed it is “on the nose” using quotations to bring attention to the phrase.

In terms of timing, he noted that the consequence does not occur at night and that it needs to be set up during the day. He confirms that it is a large consequence of a large event which the player needs to initiate. The consequence and the player action do not take place on the same map.

Deathloop. Credit: Arkane Studios

One Twitter user speculated that due to Eveillé’s allusion to a nose that the secret could have something to do with the nose of the giant, red wolf statue in Updaam. However, the developer did not respond to this comment.

Whatever the answer to Deathloop’s final important secret, with how dense the maps and the gameplay are, it may be a while before players discover it.


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