‘The Last Of Us’ and ‘God Of War’ crossover mod sees Joel and Ellie face Clickers and Norse Gods

The new fan-made mod even sees Joel face off against David rather than The Stranger in the famous early game fight

A new mod sweeps Joel and Ellie right out of their dystopian zombie-filled world of The Last Of Us and places them deep into the distant lands of God Of War.

YouTuber Speclizer has swapped out God Of War’s Kratos and Atreus for The Last Of Us’ Joel and Ellie (via, Eurogamer). Not only that, Kratos’ iconic Leviathan Axe has been replaced with a modified pipe, much more accessible to Joel. Draugrs have also been turned into Clickers, to bring some more of that game’s iconic environments and threats to God Of War.

You can see the mod in action below:


This video shows Speclizer, who has edited in The Last Of Us dialogue to add that extra level of authenticity to the crossover mod, play through the infamous opening fight with The Stranger in God Of War. 

There’s something so satisfying about seeing Joel wielding a weapon stronger than the bottles and pipes available in the original The Last Of Us series. The skins for the characters were created by YouTuber OmegaFantasy too, which fans can download for themselves directly from OmegaFantasy’s Patreon.

The crossover has been created to celebrate two “amazing games releasing this year” in the form of God oO War: Ragnarok, which is yet to have a solidified release date although reports suggest November, and The Last Of Us’ remake which is scheduled for September 2.

If the crossover with God Of War isn’t hitting the spot for you, OmegaFantasy has edited in other characters, including the likes of the Simpsons and Jack Sparrow, as well as provided custom skins and armour as well.

In other news, after returning to the platform earlier this year, Alice: Madness Returns has been removed from Steam yet again.