‘The Last Of Us Part 1’ accessibility features receive glowing reception

The game offers "award-winning accessibility features" including an audio description mode

Naughty Dog recently showed off an in-depth look at The Last Of Us Part 1, a remake of its smash hit 2013 release, and its new extensive accessibility features have received a glowing response from the community. 

It’s stated that the team has implemented “award-winning accessibility features”, with every accessibility option being “a barrier removed for someone”. What is arguably the most impressive new accessibility feature is the audio description mode for the game and cinematics, which is being touted as the first time it’s been seen in a PlayStation game.


The other accessibility features haven’t been detailed at the time of publication, although the colour blind mode from The Last Of Us Part 2 can be seen in the video, so it’s likely that all of the options from the sequel will be included.

Steve Saylor, who is a major advocate f for more game’s accessibility, stated on Twitter, “I don’t care what you think. To me if The Last Of Us Remake makes a barely playable game for disabled players to an almost fully accessible game for disabled players, that is 100 per cent worth $70.”

Stacey Jenkins, accessibility PM at Ubisoft Paris, posted “Holy moly, audio description in the actual game let’s go!!”

The Last Of Us Part 1
The Last Of Us Part 1. Credit: Naughty Dog

Meanwhile, accessibility consultant Sightless Kombat tweeted “I have no words to accurately portray my excitement! #AudioDescription in a #PS5 game and that game being #TheLastOfUsPartI… just wow!” He continued to claim it was “huge” for accessibility.

A post from a different user read, “I thought after losing my sight the experience of playing my favourite PlayStation game of all time would be lost for me, but yet again ND have gone above and beyond.”


This is in response to the ongoing discussion amongst fans as to whether or not the remake is deserving of its full price, with mechanical additions from the second game being left out of the project, and visual adjustments not being as staggering as some other remakes with the original only releasing less than a decade ago. However, these new accessibility options are clearly a huge deal for a notable portion of the fanbase.

The Last Of Us Part 1 will launch exclusively for PlayStation 5 on September 2, with a PC release coming at a later date.

In other news, The Last Of Us co-director has returned to game development with a new studio.

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