‘The Last Of Us Part 1’ hit with negative reviews over “unplayable” PC port

Developer Naughty Dog is "actively investigating" issues

Naughty Dog‘s action game The Last Of Us Part 1 has been released on PC, yet the port has been received poorly due to reports of performance issues.

The Last Of Us Part 1 launched on PC today (March 28), and while the former PlayStation exclusive’s arrival has been long-awaited, the game’s Steam page lists player reviews as being “mostly negative”.

At time of writing, 67 per cent of The Last Of Us Part 1‘s 5621 reviews are negative — meaning over 3700 players have already left reviews criticising the game.


Most of these reviews take aim at a number of performance issues with the port. Players have complained about frequent crashes, mouse stuttering, and long loading times for the game’s shaders.

That’s on top of general performance issues, as many of the game’s negative reviews claim to have struggled with lag despite owning high-end PCs or meeting Naughty Dog’s minimum system requirements.

A screenshot of Ellie and Joel from the upcoming The Last of Us Part 1
The Last of Us Part 1. CREDIT: Naughty Dog

“Wait until they fix it, it’s unplayable,” reads one review.

“I’ve waiting for 10 years to play The Last of Us…and although my PC can run almost any other game, this one is completely unplayable,” another added. “I am seriously disappointed.”

Meanwhile, players have shared a number of glitches on Reddit, which range from visual issues to T-posing and characters randomly getting drenched in cutscenes.


While Naughty Dog has acknowledged the PC port’s issues on Twitter, claiming: “We’ve heard your concerns, and our team is actively investigating multiple issues you’ve reported.”

“We will continue to update you, but our team is prioritizing updates and will address issues in upcoming patches.”

However, Iron Galaxy – the studio that developed the port for Naughty Dog and Sony – is yet to comment on the reported issues.

Back in February, Naughty Dog announced a delay to The Last Of Us Part 1‘s PC launch, claiming it needed more time to “ensure this vision of The Last Of Us lives up to your, and our, standards”.

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