‘The Last Of Us Part I’ confirmed to be Steam Deck compatible

Neil Druckmann has reassured fans

The Last Of Us Part I will be Steam Deck compatible, according to the game’s co-director.

The acclaimed 2013 game was recently confirmed to be getting a “newly optimised” PC release that’s due out in March.

However, some fans have questioned whether it will be compatible with the handheld Steam Deck – and Neil Druckmann has finally answered.


Replying to a fan who said on Twitter that they would decide whether to buy the game once they know whether it will be compatible, Druckmann replied: “Ellie and Joel will grace the Steam Deck… don’t worry!”

The Naughty Dog game, which was originally released on PlayStation 3 in 2013, had its PC release date revealed last week, with fans able to pre-purchase on Epic and Steam.

PlayStation released a video trailer for the game and also shared a blog post with further info on the release.

“The development of The Last Of Us Part I on PC provided us with an opportunity to open our game in new ways,” Game Director Matthew Gallant said. “We learned a lot from the development of Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection on PC earlier this year, and we can’t wait to make The Last Of Us Part I at home on the PC as well.”

Fans who pre-purchase the game will be able to get “bonus supplements to upgrade your skillset” and “bonus weapon parts to upgrade your arsenal”.


Part I arrived on PlayStation 5 in September.

NME wrote in a five-star review: “The Last of Us Part I is a remarkable remake that proves its worth very quickly. It is carefully faithful to the original script but passionately keen to improve the experience where it can, by honing in on the emotional resonance of its most effective scenes while elevating the thrilling brutality of its combat.

“This is one of gaming’s most incredible stories made definitive. Even the greatest sceptic of its legacy may not be able to resist its charming characters, airtight mechanics and thematic nuance. The Last Of Us Part I is a beautiful, accessible entry point for newcomers and a victory lap for fans. Don’t miss it!”

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