‘The Last of Us Part II’ had reportedly planned DLC but cancelled

"I believe at one point they were was thinking about DLC, but I don't think that happened"

The Last of Us Part II reportedly planned a DLC planned in the past.

As reported in GamesRadar, the revelation came from Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier during the MinnMax Show.

Discussing Naughty Dog’s projects with The Last of Us, Schreier said: “I believe at one point [Naughty Dog] was thinking about DLC, but I don’t think that happened.” He later added that the studio “may still do something.”


It’s not clear how far in planning or production this DLC had been in, but still corresponds with when Naughty Dog vice president Neil Druckmann confirmed there were “no plans” for The Last of Us Part II DLC last year.

There might be additional story content coming, but fans are still holding out on a return of a ‘Factions’-style multiplayer mode from the first game. While nothing has been officially confirmed by Naughty Dog, the studio has been hiring developers for a multiplayer game.

It’s also been previously reported that Naughty Dog is working on a PS5 remake of The Last of Us.

Meanwhile, an HBO adaptation of The Last of Us starring Game of Thrones actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey is currently in the works.

It’s also been confirmed that the PS5 version of Genshin Impact will launch in late April, coinciding with the 1.5 update that includes new characters, bosses, and the ability to create your own customisable living space within the world.

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