‘The Last Of Us’’ Troy Baker thinks Josh Brolin is a “knockout choice” to play Joel in TV adaptation

“I have taken Joel as far as I can take it”

The Last Of Us’ Troy Baker has shared who he thinks would be a good choice to play Joel Miller in HBO’s upcoming TV adaptation of the Naughty Dog game.

Speaking to Collider, Baker – who voiced Joel in both The Last Of Us games – said that Marvel actor Josh Brolin would be a “knockout choice” to play the character, although he isn’t sure if Brolin would take Joel in a different direction.

“I think on its face, literally, Josh Brolin would be a knockout choice, but I don’t know if I would walk away learning something different about Joel,” said Baker.


Baker then went on to say that he would be happy with any decision the show takes Joel in: “I’m in a great position. Because either A) Somebody steps into that role. And [I’ll be] like, ‘Damn, dude, I never thought about that, wow, what an interesting choice.’ Or B) They suck, and people go, ‘Only Troy can play Joel.’ So either way I win.”

Baker also reiterated that he would like to move on from the role after over seven years of committing to Joel: “All I want out of Joel, I have done. I have taken Joel as far as I can take it. I did the same in part one. Same in part two. That was my job, was to move that character as far forward as I could. What I’m excited about is finding someone that can give me a completely different side of Joel, and show me how far that character can stretch.”

According to Baker, he had pitched the character of Joel to Brolin one night over drinks. “I was like, ‘If you ever get the call for a character named Joel, I would be honored and I think you would be enriched to play that character,’” he said.

HBO’s TV adaptation of The Last Of Us is currently in the early stages, with Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin and Naughty Dog vice president Neil Druckmann heading the project. The show will be based on the events of the first game.

The Last Of Us Part II is out now, exclusively for PS4. Check out Jordan Oloman’s five-star review of the game for NME here.

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