The latest ‘Genshin Impact’ event tasks players with rescuing animals

The event begins on December 7.

Genshin Impact‘s latest event will let players rescue adorable animals and then add them to their homes.

The Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog event, which will run from December 7 through to December 20, will task players with helping the Bantan Sango Detective Agency in order to complete their investigations into “mass disappearances of little animals”.

Players will be required to visit specific locations around the world and choose between completing the challenges in stealth or combat mode. They will also be given a Ubiquity Net and after equipping and arriving at places of interest, players can use it to rescue the animals.


Small animals will also be imprisoned within “Place of Interest: Den of Thieves”. Players must defeat the surrounding opponent first before rescuing animals from the cages.

Rescuing animals and completing challenges will reward players with the usual Genshin Impact currency like Mora, Primogems, Adventure Rank XP, and more.

In addition, after completing these tasks the Canine Path challenge will unlock, but there isn’t much information to go on so far other than that it can be completed in co-op or solo.

After the event ends, players can then proceed to the World Quest called “Omni-Ubiquity Net” which will reward you with the Ubiquity Net from the challenges. Players can redeem up to 5 per week.

Developer miHoYo also revealed that players will be able to use the net to capture small animals like foxes, pigeons, and squirrels, recreate their appearances, and place them inside their Serenitea Pot – Genshin Impact‘s personal player home system.


In the meantime, Fortnite has introduced some brand-new Christmas-themed skins, alongside the release of Chapter 3 Season 1, to celebrate the festive season. Bundles, Grimbles, and Slushy Soldier are all skins that are now available to purchase in the item shop.