‘The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’ fan-developed PC port launches

The port supports widescreen, HD graphics and controllers

The highly anticipated PC port of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time has finally been released. 

Brought over from the Nintendo 64 by Harbour Masters, the PC version of Ocarina Of Time can be downloaded from the group’s Discord server here. Harbour Masters notes that those wanting to play the port must have a legally sourced ROM of the original game, which will allow players to gain access to the fan-made PC version.

A short Nintendo-style presentation aired yesterday (March 22) to showcase the Zelda PC port, with the game revealed to include HD graphics, widescreen support, keyboard and controller support, modding support, rumble and gyroscopy.


That’s not all, as Harbour Masters also revealed all the features currently in the works for the port, which include text to speech, 60 FPS, twin-stick camera controls, HD models, HD audio, texture packs, Linux and Mac support and more.

The PC port showcase can be viewed below:

Harbour Masters also asks that players support the official Nintendo emulation of Ocarina Of Time on Nintendo Switch via the Expansion Pack service, adding that those who prove their membership to Nintendo Switch Online will receive a special role in the Harbour Masters Discord.

A GitHub page for the PC port should also help those trying to get the game working, alongside the aforementioned Ship of Harkinian Discord server.

Harbour Masters also said in January of this year that the Ocarina Of Time PC port was almost complete, and added that it would be available and finished by around April 1.


In other news, head of the Gwent card game Jason Slama will be directing the next instalment of The Witcher franchise. This comes as CD Projekt Red confirmed a new game was in development.

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