‘The Matrix’ has been spotted in ‘MultiVersus’ datamine

The datamine found the iconic green text from the franchise

A dataminer has found files in the latest MultiVersus update that appear to be indicative of the iconic franchise The Matrix

This was spotted by dataminer AisulMV (reported by Eurogamer), who posted on their Twitter a short four-second video of effects from the file, stating: “this looks like it’s likely for The Matrix”. The visuals have an undeniable resemblance to the green text iconography that’s present throughout The Matrix. They also posted two images of a “Matrix Pattern texture” and a heart texture.


The Matrix is owned by Warner Bros. which publishes the game and owns all of the fighters included. Currently, there is no official announcement regarding The Matrix’s presence in the game, nor do we have any word on which characters or stages could be included.

MultiVersus has been no stranger to leaks and datamines in the past. Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith were both leaked through a datamine well ahead of their announcements, along with LeBron James and Stripe from classic horror comedy The Gremlins. 

That same datamine also claimed that the king of monsters Godzilla would be added to the game, as well as Lord Of The Rings’ Gandalf. The latter may have even been teased in a tweet from the official MultiVersus account, which included an image that seemingly featured The Eye of Sauron in the water’s reflection.

Multiversus. Credit: Player First Games.

Additionally, voice lines for Beetlejuice and The Wizard Of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West were also found in the update by the same dataminer. While only audio for Beetlejuice’s voice over was found, the lines referenced the Wicked Witch, implying that she would also be added.

Morty will be the game’s first DLC character following its recent season one launch, and is releasing August 23. There is currently no release date for his companion, Rick, although he will also be added in the first season.


In other news, Nintendo was working on a cross-platform accessibility controller at one point, according to former Nintendo Of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé.

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