Xbox exclusive ‘The Medium’ has been confirmed for a PS5 release

The game had previously been rated by the ESRB for the Sony console

Bloober Team has confirmed that its third-person horror game The Medium will be released for the PlayStation 5.

The Medium, which was released on PC and exclusively on consoles for the Xbox Series X|S in January, is set to be available on Sony’s latest gaming system on September 3. The forthcoming port will also feature “full DualSense Controller Support”, according to the PS5 release announcement trailer, although specific details have yet to be revealed.


The Medium’s PS5 release was not unexpected though, as the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) had rated the game for release on the Sony console earlier this month, as previously reported.

The game follows the adventures of Marianne, a medium who is able to travel between the real world and the spirit world, solving mysteries and putting wandering spirits at ease along the way.

The Medium performed well on release, with Bloober Team revealing that it sold enough copies of the game to recoup costs for both development and promotion in less than a week. “Sales of the game The Medium have reached a level that covered the costs of production and marketing of the game,” Bloober Team had said.

The third-person horror game received a mixed three-star review from NME’s Tom Regan, who praised the game for its technical ability in showing off both the spirit and real world simultaneously through split screen, and overall impressive graphics. However, he also noted that the game is “disappointingly light on real scares” and that its repetitive puzzle system grows old quickly.

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