The most popular ‘Skyrim Anniversary Edition’ mod is a downgrade patcher

The patcher undoes the changes made by 'Skyrim Anniversary Edition'

The most popular mod for Skyrim Anniversary Edition on Nexus Mods is a “downgrade patcher” that restores the game to its previous Special Edition version.

At time of writing, the “Popular (30 days)” category on Nexus Mods shows that the ‘Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Downgrade Patcher‘ is far and away the most popular mod for Skyrim Anniversary Edition since launch.

As explained by the mod’s description page, “this utility will back-patch the changes to your game made by the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim.”


The 3GB mod has already been downloaded by over 141,000 users, which has just under 100,000 more downloads than the next most popular mod – an overhaul that adds more types of in-game locks.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition
Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Credit: Bethesda.

Having so many players download the unofficial downgrade patcher is a sign that many modders have – as of yet – been unable to bring their creations over to Anniversary Edition. This means that for players who have lots of mods running – or don’t want to let go of a particular favourite – the best course of action is use the downgrade patcher to undo Bethesda‘s automatic Anniversary Edition patch and revert to Special Edition.

This is necessary because Anniversary Edition has caused issues with many mods, including one problem where it was causing crashes by loading them too fast. Because Anniversary Edition runs on a completely different compiler, it means many mods need to be built again from scratch.

Much of this was avoided, as Bethesda gave the developer for Skyrim Script Extender – a necessary mod for almost every other mod – early access to Skyrim Anniversary Edition to prevent the “modpocalypse”.


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