The new season of ‘Fortnite’ adds animal mounts and Darth Vader

Prepare to settle into the vibes as 'Fortnite'’s Chapter 3 Season 3 commences and adds animal mounts, Darth Vader and more

Following the Collision event that concluded Chapter 3 Season 2, the new Fortnite season has arrived. Chapter 3 Season 3, “Vibin”, promises a much more relaxed vibe than the all-out warfare players had thrust upon them recently.

Epic Games took players on a wild ride to decide the fate of the Zero Point at the end of the previous season, so undoubtedly they’ll welcome this new, chill phase of the battle royale favourite. Last season’s underground base has been transformed into a groovy rave cave and even features a rideable rollercoaster.

The themes throughout Fortnite‘s island can only be described as unicorn-punk, with bright colours and edgy aesthetics combined to uniquely brand the surroundings. In terms of gameplay itself, brand new Reality Seeds have been added which enable you to plant and return to them time and time again in future matches. It’s a new and useful way to pick a favourite landing spot knowing that worthwhile loot will be waiting for you.


The wolves and wild boars that roam the island can now be ridden too. Jump on any of them and they’ll be instantly tamed and loyal to you. Shooting whilst mounted is a feature as well, opening up the possibility of scenarios like wolf jousting and wild boar racing… with added fatality.

Fortnite Darth Vader
Fortnite Credit: Epic Games

Another feature added with this new season is Storm Sickness, which will see accelerated damage for any players spending too much time in the storm. This should combat issues where players were hiding in the storm for longer due to the added numbers of health items available.

The Battle Pass is also back with an increased selection of original characters, as well as Star Wars‘ Darth Vader.

In other news, has brought back the Queer Games Bundle, offering 500 games for £47.

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