The Oculus Rift S headset has finally been removed from sale

The Oculus Rift S has finally been unfriended

Facebook-owned VR company Oculus has removed the Rift S headset from sale on its website.

The Rift S was confirmed to be reaching end-of-life after Facebook spoke to UploadVR back in April, saying “Generally speaking, as channels sell out of stock, they won’t be replenished moving forward.”

Replacing the Rift S is the Oculus Quest 2, a standalone PC VR headset that can also be tethered to a PC with a pricy proprietary cable.


As per PC Gamer, the main differences between the Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Rift S are that the Quest offers “a higher resolution display, faster refresh rate, and more flexibility” but unlike the Rift, it requires a Facebook login to use, which puts many users off.

In mid-June, Facebook Reality Labs began a limited rollout of “in-headset” ads, starting with Blaston from developer Resolution Games.

The decision was quickly reversed after only a few days, as Resolution Games said:  “After listening to player feedback, we realize that Blaston isn’t the best fit for this type of advertising test.”

Former Edge magazine editor Nathan Brown wrote in his Hit Points newsletter that although advertising in games was a “lucrative method of monetisation” it was inherently more intrusive in VR where users are not just watching adverts, but “coexisting alongside” them.

In other news, developer Sharkmob has increased the technical specifications required to play its upcoming battle royale game, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt.


Players will now need an Nvidia GTX 1070 or a Radeon RX 5600 graphics card to play the game, and an SSD is strongly recommended for the best experience.