The original Nintendo Switch model could be getting a price drop

The price cut would be ahead of the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED model

The Nintendo Switch OLED is due to arrive next month on October 8, but before that the original Nintendo Switch model could be getting a price drop.

As reported in Nintendo Life, the source comes from Nintend’Alerts – a Twitter account with more than 80,000 followers that has reportedly “proven reliable and reputable in the past”.

The account claims a price cut will take place next week in France, which will reduce the cost of the system from €329 (£280) to €270 (£230). While this only relates to France, an official retail price drop from Nintendo would imply that there could a price drop in other regions.


Nintendo Switch. Credit: Nintendo

However, this £50 price drop only refers to the standard Switch model and not the Nintendo Switch Lite, which at its current RRP of £199 would mean a smaller difference between the two models unless the latter is also reduced.

The price drop would also mean that the forthcoming Switch OLED would cost an extra £80, which is far more expensive for a console that only offers minor improvements without a internal hardware upgrade.

Before its official announcement, some had believed that a new Switch model would simply replace the original hybrid device as the new standard model.

The Switch has continued to be one of the best selling consoles, even against the new generation. In June it remained the best-selling console based on units sold, despite Xbox Series X|S leading in dollar sales.

Last month the console also achieved a first in three decades when the entire Top 30 games sales chart in Japan was dominated by Switch games.


Elsewhere, the next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed to March 2022. PS5 gameplay footage was finally shown during PlayStation Showcase 2021 but Rockstar Games confirmed that the game requires a few more months for “polishing and fine-tuning”.