The overpowered Sykov pistol is turning heads in ‘Call of Duty Warzone’

Players predict the Sykov will rule the meta

Call of Duty Warzone‘s new pistol has already caused players to call it overpowered despite only being released last night.

The Sykov pistol, which has access to an 80 round mag, full auto mode, and the akimbo perk which lets players dual wield it. The pistol, based off the Makarov, was discovered in Warzone in February this year, and players predicted that it would be a fearsome weapon.

Player’s predictions appear to have been proven right, as the pistol is shown to be performing admirably in tests by various community members. Call of Duty Youtuber JGOD has shared a clip of the weapon and its extremely fast kill time, saying: “Sykov = fun”.


Fans of the game on Reddit are lamenting the power of the pistols with two extremely popular posts calling the skyov “broken” in response to how quick the pistol can kill players, especially when used with the akimbo perk.

The new Sykow is broken AF from CODWarzone

One user, DefunctHunk, has written that they are uninstalling the game due to the developer’s slow response to overpowered weapons. “I have no problem with fast TTK in multiplayer, that’s expected. But in WZ, I’m so tired of looting for 10 minutes only to get deleted in under half a second with no time to react.”

Raven Software recently released a hotfix to nerf the FFAR and AUG, two weapons that had been dominating the game’s meta for months, much to the chagrin of the playerbase. The front page of Reddit is quickly filling up with players posting about the Sykov, leading many to suspect the meta is about to be dominated by a similarly exceptional weapon.


In recent Warzone news, Raven Software have confirmed their commitment to combatting cheaters through ban waves, issuing their seventh high volume ban wave since February this year on April 11.