‘The Planet Crafter’ is now available in Early Access

Players are tasked with transforming a hostile planet to make it livable for humans

The Planet Crafter, a new survival terraforming game, is now available in Early Access.

From developer Miju Games, The Planet Crafter is an open world terraforming crafting game where players are tasked with transforming the ecosystem of a hostile planet to make it habitable for humans.

Players will need to survive in the environment, collect resources, and build their base. They’ll also need to create oxygen, heat, and pressure to make their new biosphere. You can check out the Early Access trailer below:


As the Steam description reads, “You are sent on an hostile planet with one mission: make it habitable for humans. You’ll have to survive, collect resources, build your base and machines in order to heat the planet, create an atmosphere with enough oxygen and eventually geo-engineer an entire planet!”

Similar to games such as Subnautica, The Planet Crafter will feature full exploration and a map with four different biomes – Stargate Crash, Orange Desert, Rocky Mountains, Dead Desert – as well as more than 15 machines and equipment to craft. Players can add moss, grass, and trees to their planet to make it more habitable, and also explore secrets hidden in caves and golden chests.

Miju Games’ latest update to The Planet Crafter has added plenty of new features to the survival game, including the four new caves – Uranium, Iridium, Wonder and Red Desert – along with a “Spawn location” option for the creation of a new game, and a new “Game Mode” option.

Additionally, a collection of new objects have been introduced, such as a Gas extractor, D.N.A manipulator, and a Jetpack. The Planet Crafter patch notes can be found on Steam.


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