The Pokémon Company recruiting for an archivist role

The job is no longer available, suggesting it has been filled

A now delisted job opening in The Pokémon Company suggests it is looking for an internal archivist to head up a Pokémon history museum.

According to the job summary, the candidate will be working to establish and develop The Pokémon Company’s archive and museum. “This role will […] conduct large-scale inventories, write policy, process, catalogue, preserve, and other duties that will establish and develop the company’s first internal archive from the ground up” (via Nintendo Life and Vice).

The candidate will also be responsible for the internal physical and digital repositories of data and archived materials, whilst also preserving and storing all archival holdings as well.


Parts of the role also include the management of the “retention, lifecycle, and logistics of [trading card game] samples,” alongside assisting with digitisation of holdings and integration with other company tools.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus starters
Pokemon Legends: Arceus starters. Credit: Nintendo

This appears to indicate that the preservation effort via archiving and a library extends across the whole company, from the games, trading cards, toys, and more. As of publication this job no longer appears on the company’s careers page, suggesting that the vacancy has been filled.

It’s likely that The Pokémon Company has decided to create this job due to the rapidly expanding and colossal size of the franchise, with so much being created at any given time. Archiving this as much as possible could help the company down the line with repeated products, as well as recording its own history.

These preservation efforts from The Pokémon Company stand opposed to fellow Japanese company Nintendo, which recently announced that Fire Emblem Fates will be delisted from the 3DS eShop a month before purchases are disabled on the platform.

In other news, an EA patent suggests the company may be looking into ways to personalise adverts and in-game content based on an individual user’s playstyle.