The Pokémon Gengar portable bed is the stuff of nightmares

Roll out its tongue and use it as a portable bed

P-Bandai has created a Gengar cushion from Pokémon, allowing owners to roll out its tongue and use it as a pillow.

The unique plush was made exclusively available in Japan and is already sold out with orders expected to ship out in June. Translating to a price of $250USD, the exclusive item doubled not only as a character plush, but as a roll out bed.

See the sold out announcement below:


In the lore of Pokémon, Gengar has a massively long tongue, which can be rolled out to attack foes. In the spirit of following tradition of the character, the plush also features said tongue, rolling out to approximately 170cm.

The advertisement for the Gengar plush encourages owners to use the tongue as a makeshift camper bed, placing their head inside the Pokémon’s mouth to rest. Not only can it be used as a bed, but the product page also shows demonstrations of it being used as a head rest on a desk or being used as a companion.

Twitter has reacted to the unusual item, wondering who would actually use the Pokémon as a bed. Content creator Stealth40k asked: “Who would actually sleep this way?”. Others have joked about having a rough day and shoving their head in Gengar’s mouth as a reprieve.


The Pokémon Company have teased a year of celebrations, with various announcements underway to mark the 25th anniversary of the brand.

Some of this year’s upcoming releases include a new Pokémon Snap emerging for the Nintendo Switch, following its announcement last year (2020).

It’s also heavily rumoured that Pokémon Diamond & Pearl could be receiving remakes to celebrate the anniversary of the franchise.

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