‘The Quarry’ online multiplayer delayed for a month

Supermassive aims to "deliver the best possible experience" for players

Supermassive’s upcoming narrative teen horror The Quarry will not have online multiplayer at launch.

In a tweet on May 26, Supermassive announced that The Quarry would not have an online multiplayer component at launch. The reason given was simply “to deliver the best possible experience” for players.


However, players will not have to wait long before they’ll be able to get chased around Hackett’s Summer Camp with their online friends as Supermassive has stated that online multiplayer will be available no later than July 8.

The online multiplayer mode gives full control of the character to the host player, but up to seven other connected players can give their opinion on each of the in-game choices. An interesting attempt at making multiplayer viable for this genre of game.

The Quarry will still have its single-player campaign, local couch co-op and a non-interactive movie mode at launch. Local couch co-op involves an interesting “pass the pad” playstyle where the player will be prompted to give the controller to a different player when the game’s perspective switches to the character the other player has chosen. This lends itself very well to planning a “horror night” with friends which is definitely what Supermassive is going for.

As the creator of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, Supermassive Games has plenty of experience creating interactive horror games. NME recently got to preview The Quarry and found it to be a “knowingly smart horror with its finger on the terrified pulse,” inviting positive comparisons to Until Dawn.

In other news, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt‘s ranked mode has been temporarily disabled due to ongoing balance issues.

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