The seventh ‘Valorant’ map puts attackers on both sides

It’s also the first map with interactive objects

Valorant is getting a new map and Battlepass for Episode 3, Act 2, launching this month.

The new map, titled Fracture, is due for release on September 8. Alongside a new area for Valorant players to explore, the map will introduce several brand new features to the game, expanding the lore and presenting a new challenge.

“The idea for the map came from a simple question,” explains Level Designer Joe Lansford, “Specifically, what if attackers started on both sides of the map, pinching defenders?


“We really wanted to ask players to rethink some fundamental assumptions and give them unique problems to solve. For example, for whom is the neutral space really for? From there, the goals just all focused on supporting that “what if.” The H-shape of the map, the neutral spaces, the ziplines, everything is built to reinforce that core idea.”

Valorant skins etc
Valorant. Credit: Riot Games

The new H-shaped map will include a Defender Spawn sitting right in the centre, and zip-lines that carry players from each side. It is also set to be the first map with interactive objects and will be the first time Valorant fans will be exposed to the Mirror Earth Kingdom, revealing details about the lore of both Kingdoms.

The Episode 3, Act 2 Battlepass will also be available for Valorant players to purchase for 1000VP. Key items included with this new pass include new skins, sprays, cards, and more.

Riot Games recently announced that Riot Mobile will be coming to stores on October 4 – a new Discord-like app that allows you to find and chat with all your Valorant and League of Legends pals.


Riot Mobile aims to allow players to connect across all of the games under the Riot Games banner, instead of individual ones.

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