‘The Sims 4’ developer Maxis is teasing a big ‘[redacted]’ update

The [redacted] update for 'The Sims 4' will include a new gameplay feature and more clothing

Developers at Maxis have started to tease an upcoming ‘[redacted]’ update for The Sims 4, and although it seems big, there’s little news on what it will actually include.

As spotted by Sims Community (via PCGamesN), developers within Maxis have been sharing their excitement over an update they’re currently working on.

Unfortunately for fans looking for more details, the developers are remaining tight-lipped, and all references to the update are titled ‘[redacted]’.


One producer for The Sims 4, going by Molly, shared that it’s the “first [redacted] I’m fully working on,” and added that they “can’t wait to share everything” with fans when the time is right.

Elsewhere, there’s precious few details available on what to expect. Salo, a concept artist for The Sims, shared that the ‘[redacted]’ update will include a new pair of shoes.

George, another Twitter user working on The Sims 4, shared that they’re currently “playtesting the new [redacted] feature,” which confirms that a new gameplay feature will be included beyond cosmetics. As the update is being playtested, there’s a chance that the  mystery update may not be too long away.

Back in January, Maxis shared a roadmap for The Sims 4, however that only covered three months-worth of content – so anything beyond March is yet to be revealed.


Since the roadmap was announced, there’s been a slew of updates for The Sims 4. January brought new cosmetics to the game, while Maxis launched My Wedding Stories in February.

Earlier in March, the studio launched Décor To The Max, a piece of downloadable content which included a bunch of bright decor designed for players who prefer maximalism.

There was also an update to Neighbourhood Stories, which made accidental death and other life-changing events possible for players’ neighbours.

In other gaming news, Far Cry 6 is getting a free weekend to coincide with the shooter’s Stranger Things crossover. Interested players can jump into the game without paying between March 24 to March 27.

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