‘The Sims 4’ reveals the next Kit DLC is all about decorating

'Décor to the Max' is set to release on March 21

EA and Maxis have revealed the newest Sims 4 Kit DLC (downloadable content) which is set to arrive later this month.

The Décor to the Max Kit is the latest piece of DLC to be announced for Sims 4 and will feature an abundance of decor items for players who love maximalism.

The DLC is set to release on March 21 for PC and consoles and will include everything from colourful wallpaper, furniture, knick-knacks, and more. Kits are the smallest form of DLC that are created for the popular simulation game, but they can contain a fair bit of content despite their size and price.


Just from the one image EA has shared, it’s clear that this Kit is all about over-decorating with the most unusual patterns and colours, and stands out from other DLC released for the game.

Although EA has yet to announce a price, it’s likely Décor to the Max will cost The Sims 4 players £4.99 as that’s how much Kit’s are usually priced at. As the Kit is set to release next week, more information is expected to arrive soon.

Last month, the developer released a new game pack for The Sims 4, named My Wedding Stories. This DLC included wedding-themed content, as well as new characters and same-sex couple, Dominique and Camille.

Initially, the DLC wasn’t going to launch in Russia due to the same-sex marriages that are included in the game in contrast to the country’s homophobic laws. However, EA confirmed on February 17 that My Wedding Stories would launch in Russia after all, saying that it didn’t want to compromise on its Dominique and Camille story.


In other news, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Gearbox Entertainment have signed an open letter opposing the Texas anti-trans bill.