‘The Sims 4’ roadmap teases a wedding game pack and some “surprises”

The next three months of 'The Sims 4' updates have been detailed

Maxis has shared a roadmap for the next three months of The Sims 4 content, teasing a game pack that sounds very wedding-related as well as two new kits.

Through the “Simthing to celebrate” roadmap shared on January 5(thanks, PCGamesN), The Sims 4 fans can see what sort of content is planned for the future. Underneath the announcement, the official Sims Twitter account confirms that the roadmap covers the next three months of content.

One thing mentioned in the roadmap is “a game pack that throws a party for love”, which – as many fans have already speculated – seems to refer to a wedding party game pack. The background to the roadmap also includes icons of wedding cake, confetti, and wedding arches.


Outside of the romantic game pack, the roadmap also teases “two vibrant kits that celebrate fierce design”, which could be connected to several illustrations of tigers in the background of the image.

Beyond that, fans can expect “unique community collaborations” both in-game and out, as well as “free global food items to bring Sims together”. There also seems to be some unannounced – likely smaller – content on the way, as “a few more surprises” are mentioned. Many fans in the community have voiced hopes that outside of this roadmap, a larger expansion is due for the game later in 2022.

Last month, the first Sims Delivery Express (SDX) update added a new hairstyle to The Sims 4. The SDX updates are meant to be smaller-sized updates that aim to add content to the game a bit more frequently.

In other news, the Pagan Min DLC for Far Cry 6 has been given a release date. The expansion, which will allow players to step into the role of Far Cry 4 villain Pagan Min, is set to launch next week.