‘The Sims 4’ teases werewolves in upcoming game pack

'The Sims 4' players will be able to "go wild" in the next night-themed game pack

The Sims 4 developer Maxis has teased more downloadable content (DLC) for the game, which looks set to include a host of night-themed content – including werewolves.

In a Twitter video posted yesterday (via PC Gamer), Maxis teased that players will be able to “seize the night” with one game pack and two kits set to arrive in May and June 2022.

The video features an in-game Sim flicking through several TV channels, with one in particular depicting a night-time landscape with a full moon. Off-screen, a wolf howls before the Sim changes to another channel.


The brief clip suggests that Maxis will be adding werewolves to The Sims 4, a feature that was present in every prior mainline Sims game. That’s backed up by the fact that one of the upcoming game packs this summer is called Go Wild.

The other two kits are called Chic Nights Out and Cozy Nights In, and the two TV shows prior to the werewolf teaser may hint at what fans can expect. The first channel shows a family sitting around a barbeque at dusk, while the second shows a woman presumably dressed up to go out.

the sims concert
The Sims 4 Credit: EA

No specific details have been shared on what either kit will entail – though it’s a safe bet that both will include some new fashion options for Sims players to try out.

Back in March, Maxis started teasing a big “redacted” update for The Sims 4, which may be in reference to this summer’s game pack.


In the same month, the developer also made life much for difficult for players’ neighbours in The Sims.

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