The Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony is now available to stream

Available now on Apple Music, with Spotify to follow in the next week

The Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Symphony has appeared on Apple Music and iTunes, with other streaming platforms set to follow in the next week.

Originally performed in June as part of a series of events celebrating 30 years since the release of the original Sonic The Hedgehog game on SEGA Genesis, the Symphony saw orchestral reworkings of soundtracks throughout the years.

It’s been available to rewatch on Youtube ever since, but earlier today (September 18) it was announced that the one hour and 46 minute long event is now available to listen to via Apple Music and iTunes.


During the performance, iconic themes from levels such as Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone and Star Light Zone were aired.

Sonic The Hedgehog’s Social Media Manager then confirmed that the concert will soon be available on other streaming services like Spotify, hopefully within the week.

It’s not all been plain-sailing for the hedgehog though. Recently Sega has said that it was somewhat “premature” to have revealed its next Sonic The Hedgehog game.

Originally teased at the end of a Sonic Central livestream back in May, the clip didn’t give much away but still, in an interview from the Japanese website 4Gamer (translated by Nintendo Enthusiast), Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka admitted that the team might have jumped the gun on revealing the new game too soon.


“We haven’t announced a brand new action game for the Sonic series since Sonic Forces, and that caused fans to worry,” said Iizuka. “While it was a bit premature, I wanted to at least take the occasion of the 30th anniversary to announce that a brand new title was in development.”

Also celebrating Sonic’s 30th anniversary, J-Pop band Dreams Come True (which features the composer of Sonic the Hedgehog Masato Nakamura on bass) have recently released a new song called ‘Tsugino Seno! De – On The Green Hill’, which not only transforms the iconic theme from the original game’s first zone into a four-minute song, but also gives it lyrics, with vocals sung by Miwa Yoshida.