The Steam Deck now has over 1000 verified games

Valve also wants to make sure there are no "false positives" with game ratings

Valve has confirmed that the recently released Steam Deck has over 1000 verified titles available for the system.

The portable PC was released at the end of February, and Valve has used the milestone of 1000 verified games to talk about precisely what this means for the “present and future” of the Steam Deck.

For verified games in the future, Valve says they need to be 100 per cent working to get the full status. Explaining that a game that works 99 per cent of the time but “accessing one optional in-game minigame crashes, or one tutorial video doesn’t render, that’s unsupported”.


Valve wants to ensure that there are no “false positives” in terms of fully verified games, instead opting for complete quality in these titles. More games are expected to move towards verified status in the coming weeks and months, and Valve’s standards for Steam Deck games will also change with feedback.

Deck Verified
Steam Deck Verified logo. Credit: Valve

“Whenever we talk about compatibility rating numbers, we emphasise that this is just a snapshot of a single moment, and that ratings change over time. Even as you read this, partners are working on adding controller support, enabling anti-cheat on Deck, and smoothing out the experience for players on Deck,” writes Valve.

“At the same time, every day, we’re fixing Proton bugs that cause issues in some games and adding new functionality to support others.”

You can read the full post here.

New Valve games may even be playable on the Steam Deck in the future, as it’s been confirmed that the company has “multiple games in development,” all of which are “pretty exciting.”


In other news, in-game currency from Elden Ring is being sold on eBay, but buying it can lead to a ban.

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