The ‘Super Smash Bros.’ fighter from ‘ARMS’ has finally been revealed

New Mii Fighters and Amiibos were also announced

Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, revealed in a stream today (June 22) that the fighter from Nintendo‘s ARMS would be Min Min, releasing on June 30.

The stream gave fans an insight into the moves the fighter will come equipped with, including the signature Final Smash move, which will incorporate the entire ARMS cast of characters in one devastating attack.

Much like the other Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters, Min Min will also come a new stage. Spring Stadium, which includes spring pads for players to lose themselves on as well as drones that can occasionally drop items for players to pick up.

Check out Min Min’s reveal trailer below:


There were a few more surprises for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans including new Mii Fighters. Amongst the roster is Ninjara from ARMS, Heihachi from Tekken, Callie and Mari from Splatoon and Vault Boy from Fallout. These Mii Fighters will be available from June 29.

New Amiibos were also revealed in the form of previous downloadable characters for the game. The two new Amiibos revealed were Joker from Persona 5 and Hero from Dragon Quest XI. Both will be available later this year.

Min Min is the first of a further five characters coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate over the next twelve months as part of the games second fighter pass. Purchasing the pass will grant players instant access to each hero become available.

Nintendo also has another stream coming this week from The Pokemon Company, which aims to reveal a “big project” upcoming in the long-running series.

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