‘The Touryst’ is the world’s first 8K 60FPS console game but there’s a catch

A step forward that no one can experience yet

The Touryst is now available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and it bags the honour of being the first ever 8K 60 FPS console game. However, you can’t actually play it at 8K resolution yet.

Previously launched on the Nintendo Switch in 2019, The Touryst was then released on PC and Xbox in 2020. It’s now available for Sony‘s consoles as well.

Impressively, the PS5 version renders internally at 7680×420 or 8K resolution, making it the first ever console game to do so. That’s without using temporal super-sampling, checker boarding, DLSS-like upscaling, or other tricks to achieve the result.


However, the PlayStation 5 does not actually support that resolution yet. Until Sony activates 8K output on the PlayStation 5 via a system update, the game is rendered at native 8K, then downsampled to a 4K image.

Developer, Shin’en explained to Digital Foundry that all it needs to do is release a small patch to activate the 8K version once Sony does so.

The Touryst. Credit: Shin’en Multimedia

Elsewhere, the Xbox Series X version reportedly renders at a higher resolution than 4K, working out at 6K 60 FPS then downsampled to 4K. Although, Shin’en is swift to point out that the PlayStation 5 version offers improved shadows and depth-of-field effects.

Notably, the PlayStation 5’s packaging displays an 8K logo next to its 4K 120 and HDR logos but 8K support is not available yet through the console. That’s also despite Sony branding some TVs that support 8K and 120 FPS as PS5 ready.

For now, while this isn’t an excuse to rush out and buy an 8K TV (if you can afford to), it’s a small step forward for gaming resolutions.


Elsewhere, Microsoft has announced extensive new accessibility features for all things Xbox including new tags to help players find the right games for their needs.

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