‘The Witcher 3’ next-gen patch notes reveal 6 mods being added

The update will introduce mods, visual improvements and content inspired by Netflix's own 'Witcher' series

Patch notes for the next-gen update of The Witcher 3 have been shared by developer CD Projekt Red, confirming some of the visual upgrades and mods that have been introduced to the 2015 game.

The free next-gen update is set to launch tomorrow (December 14) for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms, and these patch notes detail many of the changes – though notes for last-gen versions will arrive at a later date.

In terms of visual upgrades, there’s plenty to dive into. The update adds ray tracing for PC and current-gen consoles, along with 4K upscaling and several mods designed to “improve visuals and overall game quality” which you can check below:

  • The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by HalkHogan
  • HD Monsters Reworked by Denroth
  • Immersive Real-time Cutscenes by teiji25
  • Nitpicker’s Patch by chuckcash
  • World Map Fixes by Terg500

An additional mod, Full Combat Rebalance 3 by Flash_in_the_flesh, has also been added with a “curated” approach, meaning that while it brings “balance changes and various changes to gameplay,” it has been tweaked beyond the original mod’s contents.

As for new content, CD Projekt Red has confirmed that a new side quest called In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow can now be found in Velen, and it will issue rewards inspired by Netflix‘s own Witcher series.

The patch also brings alternate appearances for Dandelion and Nilfgaardian armour sets, which have also been inspired by Netflix’s The Witcher.

Finally, a slew of quality-of-life changes have also been implemented. This includes a quick sign-casting option, an improved default map filter, and more generous fall damage. The patch also fixes several issues that were preventing certain quests from being completed.

While the full patch notes offer a more comprehensive overview of the update, CD Projekt Red shared that those listed are “just the highlights,” meaning there are some changes that are yet to be discovered.


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