‘The Witcher’ card game ‘Gwent’ saves gamer’s life after stabbing

Did they use Quen?

A gamer was able to survive a stabbing thanks to his deck of Gwent cards from The Witcher.

As reported by GamingBible, the gamer who goes by the name AntonRauch explained on The Witcher Reddit page how Card Game literally saved his life.

In the lengthy Reddit post, AntonRauch told his story saying that after purchasing the Gwent card set that comes with The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Blood and Wine DLC they were on their way home before being attacked by someone in an alley.


After the attacker fled, they went home, looked in a mirror and noticed a pocket knife sticking out of their stomach, writing in the post that they tried to remember everything they knew about knife wounds.

“I looked at the place of impact, carefully unbuttoned my jacket, and was already preparing to see a bloody mess,” AntonRauch said, “but then the second F*CK came, the knife got stuck in the very deck of [Gwent] that I bought today.”

AntonRauch then said they carefully checked to see whether the knife broke through the box but it hadn’t, jokingly saying that they were “born in cuirass”.

The Reddit user then posted images of the knife stuck into his Gwent box, as well as what it looked like from the outside of his jacket.

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