‘The Witcher’ VR mod now has a playable prologue

Patryk Loan’s VR mod for 'The Witcher' has been in development for several years

A VR version of The Witcher has been in development for a few years now, and players can finally play through the RPG’s prologue in a 3D space.

The newest version of the mod, available on NexusMods, allows players to complete the entire prologue, including its combat and dialogue choices. Titled “Witcher in Virtual Reality”, the mod allows players to don a VR headset and “become a real monster slayer”. It does require owning the original game, but the mod from Patryk Loan has now released its 2.0 update after more than a year since the first release (via PC Gamer).

Loan says “every detail, every single prop was recovered,” and “each cutscene was remade from scratch” so it’s clear to see this VR adaptation is a labour of love. It seems Loan has added his own touches, as he goes on to say “I added some extra lore-based content for almost every cutscene, and by that, I promise that even if you played the original game, the experience would still be new and refreshing,” before going on to nonchalantly state that the mod “has a couple of author’s Easter eggs.”


The next Witcher game
Untitled Witcher game. Credit: CD Projekt RED

Check out the mod in action here.

The update also includes a battle system, five new maps, sounds from the original game, shader systems and colour corrections, as well as music from the original The Witcher game. Bug fixes have also been implemented for a smoother experience.

The trailer for the VR mod, which has a soundtrack of an edited version of Blind Guardian’s ‘Sacred Worlds’, features a variety of scenes from the original game as well as dialogue, weather systems and a first-person perspective of the adventure fans can now undertake in virtual reality complete with sword-swinging combat.

In other news, MultiVersus developer Player First Games may have accidentally revealed the arrival of The Lord Of The Rings to the fighting game in a recent tweet.

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