There’s a ‘P.T.’ Easter egg in ‘Death Stranding Director’s Cut’

An unusually sinister shower

A YouTuber has uncovered a P.T. Easter egg in Death Stranding Director’s Cut that is only present in the new edition of the game.

Initially pointed out on Twitter, YouTuber Suzi Hunter found a mysterious figure in the protagonist’s Private Room. The shadowy spectre seems to hover around the shower, switching the player’s view to first-person, and then flying toward them at speed. The scene then cuts out and the game continues.


This Easter egg appears to be a reference to P.T., the cancelled Hideo Kojima project that has inspired multiple games since, including a Seinfeld horror game. The ghostly shower figure was certainly not present in the original Death Stranding.

Director’s Cut Is Freaky! (never encountered this in the regular game) from DeathStranding

Although P.T. will never be released, and was also delisted from PlayStation Stores, fans have maintained an enthusiasm for the project that has seen some incredible creations, such as a remake in Half-Life: Alyx.

Upgrading from Death Stranding on the PS4 to Death Stranding Director’s Cut on the PS5 will cost players just £5, meaning those that already own the original game can experience this P.T.-inspired figure for themselves, without breaking the bank.

Hideo Kojima has recently been quoted as saying he wants to see games that “change in real-time”.

“I want to create a game that changes in real-time,” he said, “even though there are people of different ages and trades playing the same game, they are playing it in the same way. Instead, I want the game to change based on where that person lives, and that person’s unique perspective”


In other news, Standing Stone Games has made all The Lord Of The Rings Online quest packs available for free until November 30. The 24 quest packs are free to anyone who has the game downloaded, even if they are on a free-to-play account.

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