There’s now a series of fragrances inspired by ‘Genshin Impact’

Six different scents based on the likes of Kaeya, Diluc, and The Traveler

Japanese fragrance company Primaniacs has revealed a series of fragrances inspired by characters from Genshin Impact

Available to pre-order now for delivery starting December 2, the six fragrances are based on Diluc, Kaeya, Klee, and Mona; with The Traveler inspiring two different perfumes.

Each 30ml bottle costs 6600 Yen (£43), with each one coming with a custom design featuring special illustrations.


According to the fragrance notes, Sora, inspired by The Traveler, is “a fragrance that surely conveys the hope that lies beyond your extended hands” and features citrus and crystal mint alongside “muguet and neroli, which bloom small flowers in the fields and give off a natural scent. Along with the bouncy sweet and sour sparkle, the brightness that spreads smoothly and obediently is like golden hair fluttering in the wind.”

The other Traveler-inspired perfume, Hotaru, is a “fragrance that holds a pure wish in your heart and keeps believing in hope” and has top notes of raspberry, passion fruit and spearmint.

Genshin Impact recently launched its 2.1 update, ‘Floating World Under The Moonlight’ at the start of September, which expands two more islands in the archipelago nation of Inazuma while also concluding its dramatic story as part of the campaign’s Archon Quest.

New characters were also added including electro archer Kujou Sara, hydro mage and healer Sangonomiya Kokomi, as well as the fearsome electro polearm user Raiden Shogun.

2.1 also includes a host of events to coincide with both Genshin Impact‘s first anniversary and the Chinese mid-autumn Moon Festival (referred in-game as the Moonchase Festival) taking place back in Liyue, where players will be able to reunite with characters Kequing and Xiangling in a culinary cook-off, and also embark on treasure hunts in the Moonlight Seeker event.


In other news, the popular Genshin Impact fan wiki page Honey Hunter has been taken down after allegedly receiving a legal notice from miHoYo.

The notice, which was posted to the wiki’s main page by the developer, alleges that Honey Hunter has broken Genshin Impact‘s terms of service agreement which specifies that anything that can “copy, reproduce, adapt, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise create derivative works based on the miHoYo services” is strictly prohibited.