This ‘Bloodborne’ mod makes the game first-person

Those bosses look even more terrifying in first-person

You can now play Bloodborne in first-person mode thanks to this brand new mod.

As reported by Eurogamer, with the help from the modder who created the first-person mod for Dark Souls 3, Zullie the Witch, modder Garden of Eyes has made a first-person mod for Bloodborne.

The YouTube video shows exactly what the FromSoftware title looks like from a first-person perspective with the player walking through the Hunter’s Dream location, as well as the player’s hands opening the gates of Yharnam. The mod makes the game look just as stunning in first-person as it does in third.


To get it to work, the mod adds a new headpiece called the Great One Hat, earning it at the start of the game and equipping it allows the player to play from a  first-person perspective.

The mod also seems to work seamlessly in combat, showing the player wielding multiple weapons against several massive bosses, with one even showing Garden of Eyes dealing a heavy attack on Father Gascoigne.

In the video description, the modder explained that it “has been one of the most ambitious projects” they’ve worked on. “It is finally time for Bloodborne to be played as a first-person game,” Garden of Eyes said, “I am very happy to be able to present it to you guys!”

The modder said they will be releasing the Bloodborne mod “very soon” along with another separate mod they’re working on. They also thanked Zullie the Witch, for walking them through the steps of how she made the mod as well as for finding the different camera offsets on PC.

In other Bloodborne news, another modder was able to fully restore the mysteriously locked door behind the Cleric Beast in-game – finally allowing players to use the door as a working connection between locations.


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