Balenciaga is selling a plain white ‘Fortnite’ shirt for over £700

This Fortnite shirt costs more than a PS5 and Xbox Series S combined

Fashion company Balenciaga is selling a plain white shirt – which just says Fortnite on it – for $995 (£726).

As part of a line of Fortnite-themed clothing (spotted by PC Gamer), Balenciaga is selling a plain white shirt with the Fortnite logo on for £726. While it also comes in black, the front of the shirt – in fairly small text – is embroidered with “Fortnite artwork”.

The Fortnite run of clothing isn’t just limited to this expensive shirt. For $1290 (£942), fans of the battle royale can also get a black denim jacket that also says Fortnite, this time on the back.


The cheapest full-size clothing is a T-shirt, which has a larger Fortnite logo up front. Like the other shirts, this also has ‘Retail Row’ in different languages on the back.

fortnite balenciaga t shirt
Credit: Epic Games, Balenciaga

The fact that several items are sold out – including a £288 Fortnite baseball cap and a medium fit hoodie – suggest that there’s already some demand for the product line, which has launched today

Alongside a line of pricey real-world clothing, Epic Games has collaborated with Balenciaga to release four new in-game character skins and various item makeovers, which a blog states is based on “the real-life Fortnite X Balenciaga collection” highlighted above.

As well as new outfits, Fortnite fans can pick up shoe-themed pickaxes, a purse-themed glider and a range of “Balenciaga fit back blings”.


In other news, former UKIE chair Stuart Dinsey has said that companies selling loot boxes will need to self regulate the practice, or risk wider-reaching government regulation that could potentially affect studios that do not use loot boxes at all.

Overall, Dinsey thinks that the result of the UK Government’s ongoing inquiry into loot boxes will come down to “the promised actions – or inaction – of the global giants who have had a hugely profitable business model rightly challenged”.

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