‘This War Of Mine’ developer donates £520K to Ukrainian Red Cross

11 Bit Studios is one of many sending support to Ukraine

Frostpunk and This War Of Mine developer 11 Bit Studios announced that it has donated £520k (3million PLN) to the Red Cross in Ukraine.

The developer announced on February 25 that all profits from the anti-war game This War Of Mine will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross. Now, 11 Bit Studios has released a Facebook post confirming that it has raised and donated £520k (via Eurogamer).

The message said, “You are doing something big. Help the [people] of Ukraine. Fuck the war.” In the attached image the studio continues, saying, “Your support gathered for Ukraine warms our hearts, but we still need you, please, do not stop. Buy This War Of Mine anywhere and support victims of war in Ukraine.”

Robicie coś wielkiego.POMÓŻ OFIAROM WOJNY NA UKRAINIE#FuckTheWar #ukraina

Posted by 11 bit studios on Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The studio is one of several to offer support to the people of Ukraine. CD Projekt Red recently donated £181,000 to a humanitarian organisation based in Poland that assists those fleeing across the border from Ukraine.

CD Projekt Red said, “The recent invasion on Ukraine, our friends and neighbours, left us shocked and outraged. We cannot remain indifferent in the face of such injustice and we ask everybody to join in and help in any way you can. Together we can make a huge difference!”

Ubisoft has also provided support for its developers based in Ukraine, where it has two studios. All members of staff have been given early paychecks, and accommodation has been provided for them in neighbouring countries.

“In light of the dramatic escalation, we are fully mobilised to continue to provide them with additional assistance,” Ubisoft said, “their safety is our primary concern. Our hearts are also with our players, partners, and all those impacted.”

In other news, the BAFTA Games Awards 2022 nominees have been announced, with Returnal and It Takes Two leading the pack.

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