Thousands of ‘Minecraft’ players team up to build life-sized New York

Fans have spent the last two years recreating New York City in 'Minecraft', with more work yet to be done

Over 2,700 Minecraft players are currently working to recreate New York City in the game, with the project aiming to rebuild the city at a 1:1 scale.

As reported by Curbed (via PCGamesN), a project called Build The Earth has gathered together thousands of Minecraft fans to rebuild New York City in the game, with each block placed representing one cubic meter.

The New York segment of Build The Earth currently boasts 2,793 members at the time of writing, with thousands of other players working on recreating other areas of the world.


Efforts to rebuild New York in Minecraft are being led by a 21-year-old German player who goes by the name Minefact, who originally started out by using Minecraft to map his home city of Frankfurt. Minefact created a generator that translated rough outlines of real-world buildings into Minecraft, but found that it worked better on New York City due to better open-street map data available in the area.

Builders are currently two years into the project, and Minefact says that the team works on different areas of the city week by week.

“We work one week in Chinatown, then one week in Tribeca, one week on Bowery and then come back to Chinatown. We always work on multiple districts at the same time to keep things interesting.”

Though the project has mostly stuck to rebuilding the exterior buildings of New York, certain areas proved an exemption. In the case of the Grand Central Terminal, some of the builders ended up travelling there in-person to take pictures to make sure their reconstructions were accurate.


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