THQ Nordic acquires animation studio Metricminds

Metricminds has worked on projects including 'Horizon Forbidden West' and 'Dying Light'

THQ Nordic has announced its acquisition of Frankfurt-based Metricminds, a service provider for animated content.

The acquisition was announced in a press release from THQ Nordic, though the terms of the deal were undisclosed.

Metricminds is known for creating cutscenes, trailers, motion capture, keyframe animation, facial animation, and cinematics delivered in-engine. All members of the team will be retained after the acquisition.


Projects that Metricminds has worked on include Horizon Forbidden West, Dying Light, Borderlands 2, Evolve, and more.

Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West credit: Guerilla Games

Earlier this month, THQ Nordic’s parent company Embracer Group released a report of its earnings for the previous year.

The report reflects on the last quarter, revealing that the company has seen strong sales. It claims: “The main revenue driver for the quarter was strong back catalogue performance, which exceeded management’s expectations”.

While some of the credit went to Hot Wheel Unleased, which has sold 1million copies since its launch in September, it’s mostly older games that are helping the company.

Hot Wheels Unleashed
Hot Wheels Unleashed. Credit: Milestone Games.


“Back-catalogue sales were also driven by the evergreen title Metro Exodus, which has sold 6million copies since its launch in February 2019, and Saints Row: The Third Remastered.”

During the same presentation, it was revealed that Dead Island 2 is still in development and could launch in March 2023.

“It [Dead Island 2] very clearly is [still alive], and I at least expect the release this financial year, or sorry next financial year, I should say,” the host said. “So, is that reasonable, and what can we expect from a title that has been in development for probably 10 years or so?”

In other news, Ukraine-based Stalker 2 developer GSC Game Worlds has released a Steam post asking for support from the games industry amid the ongoing Russian invasion into Ukraine.