‘Timberborn’ is a “lumberpunk” city builder game about beavers

A dam fine game

One of the more unusual games to launch in Steam Early Access for a while is a post-apocalypse beaver-based city builder called Timberborn.

Described as a “lumberpunk” game, Timberborn is a game that tasks players with building a self-sustaining city in a post-apocalyptic, human-free landscape, designed and built by beavers.

The super-smart beavers will respond to city planning, building dams, canals, and reservoirs to control the power and water supplies of the city, making up for the ecological damage humanity has wrought on the world prior to their demise.


Two factions are currently available, the nature-friendly Folktails or the industrious Iron Teeth, each bringing unique gameplay and buildings to the game. Water and wood are the main concerns of Timberborn, using the two materials in clever ways to power, feed, purify, clean, and farm in your city.

Timberborn also introduces a vertical architecture system that allows buildings to be constructed on top of each other using platforms and bridges.

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. The Steam page estimates that Timberborn will remain in Early Access for at least a year, as the developers gather feedback and suggestions on the game.

In other news, Iron Gate Studios have released the long-awaited Hearth and Home update for Valheim that updates building and eating.


Valheim was released last year to great success, and players have been eagerly awaiting the games first major update. This update arrived today (September 17) with the release of Hearth And Home. The update changes a lot of the mechanics behind food, combat, and building. Iron Gate has released a post detailing the changes but notes that it could be considered spoilers for those wanting to go in fresh.

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