‘Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands” overworld map hides secrets

You'll be wondering no longer

Developers from Gearbox Software have revealed that the overworld for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will have the style of high end miniatures and a role in gameplay.

In an interview with PLAY magazine which has an eight page feature on the upcoming Borderlands spin-off game, Gearbox made some clarifications on the overworld we saw in the trailer. The overworld is based on a board game Tiny Tina herself is playing complete with fallen snacks.

Gearbox wanted to give the in-game game the same feeling as real life board games which feature high end miniatures as pieces. As made available online by Games Radar, senior producer Kayla Belmore went on to clarify in the interview what purpose the overworld would serve.


“You’ll be able to discover our plot maps that way, and some additional investigation and exploration will reveal side-maps that have their own main quests and storylines that are self-contained, that are semi-related to the main story, but kind of a little chunk of the world all of their own, — There are also wandering monsters to encounter out there, though, so you won’t ever have to go too long without some first-person combat.”

This suggests that there will be open world elements to the story made available through the numerous side quests. Players will have to explore the board game which Tiny Tina resides over, thoroughly if they wish to uncover all of the secrets hidden within.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is set for release this year though no precise date has been announced yet.

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