‘Titanfall 2’ weapon has been leaked for ‘Apex Legends’

It looks like the EPG energy weapon will be coming to Apex Legends soon

A new Apex Legends leak shows that Respawn Entertainment are testing a well-known Titanfall 2 weapon in it’s online multiplayer game.

The leak comes from a known Apex Legends dataminer and leaker, Biast12, on Twitter who shared a new screenshot of the leaked Titanfall 2 weapon in-game, with the caption “They’re testing the EPG in Apex right now.”

The Enery Propelled Grenade (EPG) weapon looks to be in its early stages right now with the dataminer noting that it looks like to be a reused UI asset from the Titanfall sequel, hence why the image looks like that.


In Titanfall 2, the EPG was a one-shot kill weapon however as the weapon might be getting added to the battle royale, it’s possible that the gun will be getting nerfed to make it more balanced in combat.

Recently, Respawn confirmed that a “ton” of Titanfall content is coming to Apex Legends Season 9. Apex Legends’ Game Director Chad Grenier said, “Next season, Season 9, you’re actually going to see a ton of Titanfall coming back into the game in one way or another. So, I’ve told some people before, if you’re a Titanfall fan, hang on for Season 9 because there’s going to be some really cool stuff in there.”

The Game Director also revealed last month that the next hero to be introduced in Apex Legends season 9 will appeal to a Japanese audience.