Top-down cyberpunk game ‘Glitchpunk’ enters early access next month

Fight through a cyberpunk criminal underworld

Published by Daedalic Entertainment, Glitchpunk is coming to Steam early access next month, with a roadmap releasing soon.

Developed by Dark Lord, Glitchpunk looks like the classic top-down GTA games but in a cyberpunk setting. The game will release into early access on August 11.

Players will be to drive, shoot, and brawl their way across New Baltia. By the end of early access, the game will also feature Outpost Texas, Neo Tokyo, and Moscow as playable locations. A content roadmap will be available shortly after release.


Gitchpunk intends to tackle mature storylines – with the Steam page stating the narrative will explore “themes like transhumanism, xenophobia and religion as well as an all too human story about a relationship, self-discovery and betrayal.”

Players will take control of an android that has rejected its program. With this newfound freedom, you can create your own agenda to destabilize the tyrannical Governments that control the games major locations.

Glitchpunk sees players primarily dealing with aspects of the criminal underworlds, and with this comes law enforcement. When players get on the wrong side of the police, they can run or fight with up to ten wanted levels to contend with.

The release date announcement trailer shows several weapons for players to destroy streets with, including a minigun and flamethrower. There are also vehicles in the form of cars and tanks, with the Steam page promising motorbikes, buses, trucks, and trains.

The art style of Glitchpunk mixes 2D and 3D sprites to maintain that nostalgia from the classic top-down games while allowing for explosions to rise into the sky.


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