‘Total War: Warhammer 3’ reveals huge siege rework with buildable defences

Defenders will be able to build new barricades, towers and traps

Creative Assembly has shared a first look at the long-anticipated siege rework launching with Total War: Warhammer 3, revealing that defenders will be able to build their defences and more.

Posted today (October 11), the siege rework video shares an in-depth look at how Total War: Warhammer’s siege mechanics from the first two games will change with the third entry.

Instead of relying solely on the wall fortifications of a city, defenders will now be able to build their defences at positions scattered throughout the city. As seen in the video, the buildable structures can range from barricades to traps and makeshift towers.


These structures are paid for with supplies generated by holding key buildings and points across the city.

Defenders will also be able to use smaller alleyways webbed between the main roads of settlements to hide units of fighters, which adds potential for flanks and much more strategic flexibility when trying to hold a city.

The defending army will also operate the towers on walls from further away, meaning that falling back from besieged walls will be much easier.

In terms of the cities themselves, maps in Total War: Warhammer 3 will be larger, and there will be “more variety of maps than in previous games”. These cities will also include multiple levels and a wider variety in terrain so that battles are more interesting once the walls are breached.

Outside of the trailer, Creative Assembly shared further details in a blog that explained how these changes would alter the experience of capturing a city.


The state of sieging in the first and second Total War: Warhammer game received criticism from fans, who felt that the siege battles were overly simple compared to previous Total War entries.

Last week Creative Assembly released the full unit roster for Grand Cathay, revealing an army roster designed to weather all manner of assault.

In other news, it looks like a new update for Returnal could be on the way.

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