‘Total War: Warhammer II’ shares a monstrous trailer for the newest DLC

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the Old World

First teased in June, Creative Assembly has today (July 1) revealed a trailer for The Silence And The Fury, one of the last DLC’s for Total War: Warhammer II.

The Silence And The Fury is a DLC (downloadable content) pack that adds new legendary lords and units to the Lizardmen and Beastmen rosters on July 14.

The newest Lizardman subfaction will be lead by “revered Chameleon Skink” Oxyotl, while the opposing Beastmen will follow the Doombull Taurox, also known as the Brass Bull.


Beastmen fans will receive some long-awaited units, including the highly poisonous Jabberslythe monstrous unit. Alongside this, the roster will be joined by Doombull Lords, Wargor Heroes, Turkgor Chariot and massive four-armed Ghorgons.

Across the battlefield, Lizardmen will be reinforced by a variety of Skink units including the Skink Oracle Hero and Chameleon Stalker shock infantry. Much larger single-units include the Feral Troglodon and the Coatl, a flying monster which “can cast destructive bombardment and vortex spells” from above.

Both sides will also receive brand-new Regiments of Renown, unique versions of units that are only recruitable once. These units on each include monsters described as powerful monster-slayers.

Similar to previous DLC, each of the new faction leaders will have their own features and objectives that players need to complete to secure victory. In search of “The Heart Of The Dark”, Taurox will gain the favour of Chaos by finding successive victories in battle.

Meanwhile, Oxyotl can predict where Chaos forces will next appear, meaning he can teleport his forces to ‘Silent Sanctums’ across the map. To prevent Taurox from succeeding in his quest to become invincible, Oxyotl’s journey will eventually take him to The Heart Of The Dark for a final battle.


In a blog post, Creative Assembly notes that the DLC will be accompanied by free content such as a new “Dwarf legendary lord, mercenary reinforcements, and a new Beastmen lord”.

In other news, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Black Ops 4 and WWE 2K Battlegrounds are coming to PlayStation Plus this month. 

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