‘Trombone Champ’ gets unofficial VR support with “meme mod”

"A silly meme mod for a silly meme game," shared the mod's creator

A modder has added VR support and motion controls to Holy Wow’s Trombone Champ, describing the project as a “silly meme mod for a silly meme game.”

Created by Raicuparta, a modder who specialises in making games VR-compatible, BaboonVR allows fans to play rhythm game Trombone Champ using any “OpenVR-compatible VR headset.”

Raicuparta describes BaboonVR as “a silly meme mod for a silly meme game,” and outlines that “the game screen is shown as a projection in front of you, while you use your hands to control the trombone.”


Although the BaboonVR will be released as a free open source mod when it’s finished, Raicuparta is currently charging £1.86 ($2) for early access to the mod, which is currently listed on itch.io. However, the modder warns that “game-breaking bugs are expected” at this stage in development.

Raicuparta has shared a video of Trombone Champ being played in VR, which you can watch below.

The VR mod has a stamp of approval from Trombone Champ‘s creator, with Holy Wow sharing the project on Twitter. “One of the amazing things from the past week is seeing people do in a few days what would probably have taken me months,” posted the studio.

Raicuparta’s VR mod isn’t the only fan-made project made for Trombone Champ. Yesterday (September 26), Rudeism – a streamer known for making strange functional controllers for games – shared an in-progress picture of a trombone controller he’s working on for Trombone Champ.


Since launching earlier in the month, Holy Wow’s Trombone Champ has proven a hit for PC players and fellow developers. The game currently holds an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ player review rating on Steam, while last week Cursed To Golf director Liam Edwards praised it as “absolutely out-of-this-world god tier” game.

In other gaming news, Take-Two has parted ways with Outriders developer People Can Fly.

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