Troy Baker and Roger Clark announce new game ‘Fort Solis’

'Fort Solis' is being developed by a brand new indie studio

Fort Solis will be the first original intellectual property of a new development studio, Fallen Leaf, headed up by industry veteran James Tinsdale.

Voice actors Troy Baker (Joel from The Last of Us) and Roger Clark (Arthur from Red Dead 2) are involved in the project and gave fans some context on Fort Solis on the Summer Games Festival 2022 stage.

Fort Solis will be a single-player third-person action game set on the planet of Mars, specifically in the titular Fort Solis. The protagonist Jack Leary responds to a routine distress call and arrives to find the crew of the fort missing, forcing him to unravel a dark mystery.


You can watch the trailer for Fort Solis below:

Early screenshots of the game show off its sci-fi roots, showing the protagonist outfitted in his space suit and an all-terrain space vehicle.

Fort Solis itself will likely be a focal point of the game, with the game’s store page describing the base as having “over 9 individual structures, all containing structure and sub-surface levels.” Interestingly, it also states that Fort Solis can be completed by remaining below the surface of Mars and without ever venturing onto the terrain of the red planet which is an intriguing design choice.

This will be Fallen Leaf’s first outing as a studio, they promise “immerse storytelling” and exploration as a large component of the game. The cast performance is also highlighted in the promotional material for the game, understandably so with the pedigree of Troy Baker and Roger Clark on the team.

The release date is yet to be announced, however, the game’s Steam page offers more information.


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