‘Turbo Golf Racing’ is ‘Rocket League’ on a fairway

A beta will be held later this year

Announced during the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, Turbo Golf Racing is an upcoming multiplayer game where players use cars to play golf.

In Hugecalf Studios’ upcoming game, up to eight players will compete to achieve the best score. The arcade-style racing game will launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC later this year and will also launch on Xbox Game Pass at the same time. However, no firm release date is available at this time.

The game’s Steam page says that players can “race with up to eight friends in a Grand-Prix style competition. Hit the boost pads to charge past your rivals, take secret tunnels to outwit them or fire missiles to stop them in their tracks.”


Players will also be able to equip Super Cores, which will provide benefits such as flying faster, hitting balls further, or the ability to perform a ground stomp.

Each car will be customisable so that players can create their perfect golf machine with endless paint options, wheels, spoilers, and more.

Each car in Turbo Golf Racing is also equipped with deployable wings, allowing players to glide to the green as quickly as possible.

A beta will be held soon. Players interested can sign up by filling in a form on the game’s website. To keep up to date on announcements, there is also a Discord that will be the most direct source of information from the developers.

When Turbo Golf Racing launches, it will be in an early access state, with the developer saying, “We have reached a playable and fun state of Turbo Golf Racing, even though it is still incomplete. Being in Early Access will allow us to collect feedback and make large changes to the game that wouldn’t be possible if the game was in its final state. Early access will allow us to bring our full vision of Turbo Golf Racing to the players.”


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